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Choose your colours

Paint Pots and Color Wheel_edited.jpg

The first step of the painting process is colour choice. This will need to be done before the painters arrive. A colour consultation can be arranged if needed

  • Pick your sheen (stain, flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss)

  • Choose your colours

Pressure wash

Backyard Washing_edited.jpg

Clean all surfaces to be painted in order to remove all dirt and mildew to achieve maximum adhesion of painting products.

  • Cleaner will be applied to any mold/mildew areas

  • All areas being painted will be cleaned and rinsed

  • A light power wash to clean up debris off ground/decks

  • After everything is dry we will pick up any debris that was created due to the pressure wash


Working in the Workshop_edited.jpg

The key to any beautiful long lasting paint finish is proper surface preparation

  • Make sure surfaces are clean

  • Remove all loose and peeling paint

  • Fill gaps in trim with quality caulking

  • Feather sand areas as needed

  • Prime any bare wood

  • Apply tape, paper, and plastic to areas prior to painting

photo 2021-09-19, 12 30 14 pm.jpg
photo 2017-07-13, 10 57 06 am.jpg


House Painting_edited.jpg

Two coats of top quality paint will be applied

  • All areas not being painted will be covered with drop sheets or plastic/paper

  • First coat of paint is applied

  • Check for any missing prep spots

  • Second coat of paint applied

  • All tape, paper and plastic is removed

  • Job site is thoroughly cleaned 

Walk through

photo 2021-06-25, 3 06 51 pm.jpg

It's time to show off our work. We will walk through all areas with you to make sure you are completely satisfied will all our work

  • Inspect all painted areas with you

  • Make a list of any touch ups

  • Complete any touch ups found

  • All leftover paint will be left with you

photo 2022-01-04, 11 08 19 pm.jpg
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